Be Careful, Party Girl!


Dear Aarika…

Sure enjoyed your phone call. It was nice to have your mom, and Sophie, here Friday noon to noon today. 

Grandpa got home yesterday. Glad your Dad picked him up at Amtrak depot at 2:15 am, as Ben had left Devin’s car at the old depot on Main by the McDonalds! They found it Sunday so Grandpa drove it home. 

Got birth certificates and passport applications ready if we go to Fargo tomorrow. Also spent over an hour on the phone getting our Part B effective data corrected. There’s no end to paperwork. 

Your mom has a pretty car now and, oh, SO fancy.

Be careful, party girl! Hear you’ll be going to Celtics game with your folks. They sure do get around now. 

Sun’s shining. Grandpas at the shop. Be good :) Good luck at your job…


Aarika MichelComment