Be Happy!


Merry Christmas Aarika!

Gpa woke me at 6 a.m. so I’d enjoy our first snowfall - and I did. I even walked uptown at 9:30 to go to the bank, post office and stopped at Karen’s Styling so asked Sarah if she could cut my hair before Christmas - and within a minute she was cutting my hair! 

Had coffee with Deb, Linda and Cheryl and walked home. As I leisurely walked in snowfall, I thought what different lifestyles you and I have. How we love the memories of you across Lake Lithia from us! We saw you make your dream of New York City become a reality - and now adjusting to Chicago. 

Christmas Eve is such a ritual here with no surprises for you “kids”. Gpa and I would survive in fine style if alone but what a gift to have family here when they can be. 

Thanks for driving out to spend Christmas with you family, and us. 

Be happy. I know you’ll do your best at your job. Hope you’ll love someone who appreciates you. You are our Aarika, and wish you a happy and blessed 2012. 

**Saw this in a shop at Snowbird Resort up in Utah mountains so hope you like it enough to wear! Bought with love!


Gma and Gpa

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