But I "Delete" Your 'F' Words!


Dear Aarika,

Just got up at 10am so have my coffee -- and Connie just went out to patio to haver her cigarette in her robe in 42 degrees.

Tomorrow she, Ardie and I are getting together for a chat. Not sure when she goes home?

How are you Aarika? Think of you and Steve so much. In the years you've been together, he got to know a lovely Aarika's values, love and and maybe a couple "faults" (if you're like granny!) We only had disagreements when there was drinking which led to flirting and jealousy - mostly unwarranted! It's part of life. If it's really over, painfully turn the page and read on in the book of life. Don't get depressed -- easier said than done!

Will call your mom to check on her this morning - unless she checks on us!

Sunday we rode with Mike and his Jan to casino and met Connie there so we all went to the 6pm Charlie Daniel concert. Loud and he's never been my favorite kind of music -- but we all have free tickets up front.

Bryan and Frances will be here the 21st through the 26th for a "low profile" visit with us. He said 'No big party out there this time'.

Not much news, but thinking of you this morning.

Orville, Trend and Jacob are taking Amtrak out to New York tomorrow to check out a couple colleges.

Take care. Call sometimes. You are loved...and lovely (but I "delete" your "F" words!) Old fashioned granny!


Aarika MichelComment