It was all a dream...or so it felt. I'd had my eye on Santorini for the past 3 years and here we are, recapping a trip of a lifetime; a solo one at that. No one to plan my days or nights except me. No one to split the bills with except me. no one to share massive plates with except me. No one to pawn off asking for directions except me. No one to share a room key with except me. you get it.

Outside of general tips that'll ward off probable anxiety for you, I thought it would be fun to share a list of must stops, favorites and other goodies for each city: Athens, Oia & Fira to inspire YOU to visit and perhaps, on your own. 

first...some quick lessons learned!

  • don't raise your blood pressure before you've had a chance to even relax. Give yourself 2-3 hours before connecting flights. between airline swaps, luggage arrival, passport control, you'll thank yourself later for giving a bit of wiggle room.
  • if you've planned for a transfer (taxi), always ask what the vehicle or driver looks like. it's one thing to know where you should be and at what time, but when there are hundreds of transfers lined up for potentially those same logistics, you'll release alot of anxiety when you know what/who you should be looking for.
  • chalk up the extra few bucks a day for an international phone plan. yes, 75% of service spots have wifi but when you're bookin it in the middle of a neighborhood you've never been before, you'll appreciate the easy google out.
  • build a relationship with your hostess / CONCIERGE / front desk attendant. Not only are you seeing them everyday but they are a wealth of knowledge and might just get you a seat at that restaurant you really wanted to try!
  • when dining, you may feel you're rushed to sit and order right away but once you do, the staff are eager for you to relax, slow down, enjoy your meal and take in the ambience. so eager, you may find yourself begging for the check....only for them to then bring you free dessert first. 
  • have patience. a number of employees in the service industry haven't had a day off in months. they deal with hundreds of anxious and demanding tourists everyday, language barriers, exhaustion and would probably give the shirt off their back to trade spots with you. 



Arrived By: // emirates (EWR > ATHENS)


Emirates Athens // Eclectic Prodigy //  8 Nights in Greece // Where to Stay, Visit and Eat



Got Around By: // FOOT


Must See Interiors: // THE NEW HOTEL

Favorite Meal: // SEA BASS in a POTATOE PUREE and spinach AT THE zillers roof garden

The Zillers Roof Garden Athens // Eclectic Prodigy //  8 Nights in Greece // Where to Stay, Visit and Eat

Must Visit: // ACROPOLIS

The Acropolis Athens // Eclectic Prodigy //  8 Nights in Greece // Where to Stay, Visit and Eat

if you're like me

Guided tours are for the birds. Pop in some Rick Steves and have a listen at your own leisure. Oh! And jumping is not allowed. Whistles will be blown.

BEST VIEW: // SUNSET at THE zillers roof garden [ ya. best meal too. i got real lucky]

The Zillers Hotel Athens // Eclectic Prodigy //  8 Nights in Greece // Where to Stay, Visit and Eat

Favorite Shop: // the markets; specifically Monastiraki market and Avissynias square antique and decor shops

Antique & Vintage Markets Athens // Eclectic Prodigy //  8 Nights in Greece // Where to Stay, Visit and Eat

before you go

Practice your negotiating skills. Also, prepare yourself to want to buy everything...and start planning your next trip around buying everything you couldn't this time around. 

swoonworthy souvenir: // vintage Brass hand door knocker



Graffiti Streetviews Athens // Eclectic Prodigy //  8 Nights in Greece // Where to Stay, Visit and Eat

don't be afraid to

Go off the beaten path. Take that small, quaint and quiet road...that is where the treasures lie. 

did i miss something you were hoping to read more on? Looking for more details on any of my favorites or must stops above? Feel free to leave a comment or email below and Visit my instagram page @eclecticprodigy for more images and highlights from this leg of the trip.

i'll be posting part 2 (oia) and Part 3 (fira) over the next couple weeks along with a few other fun posts like '5 interior color stories inspired by the streets of greece'.




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