If there is one thing Instagram has provided us all, it's the insight and privilege to view the world at our fingertips. Not just the world in general, but the personal insight to a single person's world if they let us. It's like a digital biography of one's life and work that can inspire you with one click or swipe. 

Growing up in a rural community, there were no art museums within a 90 mile radius, though I was [ and still am ] lucky to witness first hand my Grandmother's love for drawing. Living next to a lake...slough...swamp whatever one would call Lake Lithia, also inspired me to hone in my skills for the annual Junior Duck Stamp contest that took me to state [ giving Terry Redlin a run for his money ] with a Ruddy duck...

But to my defense, that's all I knew back then. Mom and Dad really did have a collection of Terry Redlin which is now, far from what lights a fire in me when it comes to art [ as you'll see below ]. I recall a trip they took when I was in High School, where they came back boasting a piece from Peter Max they purchased. I had no idea who that was...and I don't believe they did either. I think we both know it wasn't the painting that won them over but the potential investment that was presented to them. You can probably guess where Peter sits now. 

So somewhere between Forman, North Dakota and New York City I've come to appreciate, gravitate and envy the magic behind abstract, contemporary and mixed media art. The bold strokes, use of color and textures and endless interpretations draw me in. There is a beauty to absorbing it all but as a creative, the idea of creating is to share it with others which I why I'm highlighting with you ten of my favorite artists on Instagram. 

I love to learn more bout their background, what inspires them, their process and how they use art to capture and even change the world. Click on each handle to follow and view additional work.



Julianne Strom Brill || Boston 


Heather Day || San Francisco


Jeremy Brown || Atlanta


CBA || Japan


Gee Gee Collins || Minneapolis


Jessica || Pheonix


Suzy Lindow || Richmond


Megan Carty || Boston


Hala El-Attar || Germany


B Shawn Cox || Austin

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