Your favorite designer's, favorite designer has done it. Your favorite designer is doing it. And now it's your turn to do it.

Nothing makes a statement like a bold and luxe wall of our favorite color black, allowing for everything around it to pop. In most cases you'll notice a black wall surrounded with crisp whites and softer neutrals to balance such a deep presence but with the right shades, pops of colors such as jewel tones, feel just as right. And where texture is prevalent, you can make a case for a tonal black room too.

Whether it's your den, bedroom or even kitchen, the options to create a rich space grounded in black [ or even deep charcoal, dark navy ] are possible through a variety of materials outside of just paint, to withstand the conditions of the chosen environment.

Check out the inspiration below for a variety of rooms that nailed this daring design venture as well as suggested products, alternatives to paint and tips to help inspire you to pick the choice that's right for your space.








If you're not the shotgun type but need time to sift through options and make a strategic decision [ which is always smart ] on paint colors, wall paper or tile work, we live in a day where samples are easily obtainable. 

Sites like Walls Republic and  Farrow & Ball offer 5 free wallpaper samples while others such as 2 Modern and trusty Home Depot offer samples for as low as $3. And better yet, when you are done with the sampling the samples, throw 'em in a frame or collage them on a wall with washi tape. 

Design Sponge did all the dirty work and provided a breakdown on the best black paint to use and tips to consider before buying!