For every episode of House Hunters featuring a couple looking to buy a home, I'd be willing to place a bet on a common theme...or phrase. **Cue the couple entering the master closet..."Honey, I don't know where you'll keep your stuff, because this one's mine." **Cue corny laugh. No matter how much money an average tenant or or owner is investing into their home, there always seems to be a lack of space where we are used to it.  

But have you ever thought about the money you've invested in that designer jacket, newly released sneakers or a collection of hats you wear once every blue moon, stuffed at the back of that massive closet? Why not curate the best of the best in your wardrobe and have it displayed within your room...

Whether you have the space or not, an open closet concept may just be for you. Bloggers and decoristas alike have shared their ideas of exposing and concealing their wardrobes with a bit more thought than just a door. With these examples of freestanding and built in closets in mind, you'll also find a collection of suggested products and accessories to get you started. 



Freestanding Wardrobe Racks

Built-In Wardrobe Racks


By adding a bit of lifestyle moments to your open closet, not only are you able to create a dressing room like experience, but the accessories and details will allow for your space to flow with the remainder of your home. Use your favorite boutiques or shops for inspiration. 

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