The elusive velvet sofa. With its subtly soft texture and deep rich hues. So luxe, yet so 'aaahhhhh'.

If you haven't jumped on the velvet bandwagon in the past two years, well, I'm there with you but my strength is weakening...right along with our current Ikea couch (No, I'm not 34 yet.)  We are a kid free, pet free, sun free (...Seattle) apartment dwellers and I think I might as well snag something special before I have to put it on the back burner. 

I thought the sofa surfing escapade was going to be easy since I had something in mind but my other half and I have come to the conclusion, it may be best to look into a sectional to keep some sanity in our lives. (Cuddling loses it's appeal when it's forced). And magically, Instagram dropped the mic on me one afternoon with a post featuring an Article sectional (Sven is it's name) velvet. But it also dropped the ball when it was the price of rent at 50% off though!! 

So with more inspiration than one knows what to do with, I have been surfing for something similar with un-similar price tag...All available through Amazon.



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