I'm here to state the obvious. Which may not be obvious to all...Disco Balls are not just for New Years Eve, Prom or your 34th Wedding Anniversary Party. I have a memory bank of design dreams for future projects and one of them quite vividly includes an outdoor vignette of jungle like greenery, cushy-ass lounge chairs and sofas, black and white Moroccan tiled walls and a giant disco ball catching the rays. I'm sure this will be put into mood board motion for your viewing pleasure.

But let me reel it back in. Surprisingly enough, these reflective wonders are an inexpensive way to add some glam to just about any space. If you're feeling crafty, it's a tedious but easy DIY project or you can shop some of the options at the end of the blog. So how will I sway you? I've sifted through inspo and pulled 15 ways to incorporate disco balls within 5 aesthetically pleasing styles, some I think even the Queen would approve of.


Mid-Century Modern 

Rustic Traditional 

Eclectic Boho

Industrial Modern

English Romance

Are you swayed?. If you think about it, it truly is just a sphere of mirror. And if you didn't already know, we typically relate the disco era to the 70's, but the disco ball itself has been noted to have been filmed in silent movies dating back to the late 1900's. [ Thank you, Wikipedia


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