Anna G. Larson sees the world in squares and hashtags. She's a creative content writer at Eide Bailly LLP who makes accounting sound cool but still cannot do math. (Her words not mine) Anna was previously a features reporter at The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, where she wrote a style column (I was lucky to have been included), met tons of baby animals (that I missed) and shared stories about the Fargo-Moorhead community

.I met Anna while studying at North Dakota State University where she and I bonded over style as she covered our department's annual fashion show for the University's newspaper. Her uber chic aesthetic and matching personality creates a level of curiosity I had to dive into. From European travels to local inspo trips down the street, Anna breaks down her current obsessions and how her wardrobe compliments her interior abode...


On social media they call you... ?


Born and raised in...

Fargo, N.D. 

Where do you lay your head?

Fargo, N.D. 

Current Passion? 

Right now, I’m passionate about figuring out how I can better the world with my talents.

I have a secret side project that I hope to unveil this summer. Besides that, I’m contemplating starting a lifestyle blog. But who isn’t?! I miss that type of writing and sharing, which I did during my time as a features reporter. 

Personal style in 4 words...Go!

Classic + Effortless + Simple + Inspired 

What is your current color obsession?

Pink, white and black. Not together necessary. I don’t wear pink (not sure why) so I like it in my home. White, all shades of it, adds necessary airiness to a small space, and black balances everything. Even if it’s just a tiny hint of black, like in my bedroom yarn hanging, it makes a space feel chicer.  

Who is your style muse and why?

Kate Bosworth! She is the definition of chic. I love how she wears clothing like art but it never detracts from her beauty. She wears the clothes, the clothes don’t wear her. My “style” Pinterest board is full of her. She inspires me to try new combos, like gray on gray with a camel suede bootie. I met her a few years ago for an interview, and she’s so sweet.

I also admire the timeless style of French women. They look young and lively, no matter their age, because they dress well and appear confident in their bodies. 

What fashion trends are you lusting over?

Sleeves: I love the dramatic and fun sleeves I’m seeing on everything from simple T-shirts to dressy blouses. I think detailed or attention-grabbing sleeves add that little something extra to an outfit. I have four tops so far with fun sleeves, and I’m obsessed with them all! 

The ’90s: Chokers, denim jumpers, high-waist jeans, bodysuits, high necklines, ’90s brands, belts.... yes, yes, yes! It all just looks cool. I have a handful of tasteful chokers that I wear, and I am currently on the hunt for the perfect light-wash, high-rise, straight-leg jeans.

What fashion trend do you loathe? 

I feel like a lot of teen and early-mid 20-something women are trying to look like Kylie Jenner and other celebrities to do that specific makeup and clothing look. I understand admiring someone’s look… but it goes beyond that here. Some teenage girls think they need lip injections, butt implants and a face caked with makeup to be beautiful. I see so many of those type of photos on Instagram--girls and women heavily filtering their own beauty to be someone else. You don’t need it, beautiful ladies.

T-shirts and hats with silly sayings get my side-eye. Don’t wear the word “brunch.” Just go to brunch

Is your wardrobe and interior aesthetic similar? or polar opposites?

They’re similar--my personal style and interior style play off each other. I live in a historic building downtown (with my cat, Eva, who often appears in my Instagram photos) that has lovely character. So I keep my interior aesthetic simple with hints of color. 

I try to be intentional with both my interior and wardrobe aesthetic. I go for function, style and story. I love filling my home with items that have a story. I’m currently looking for art to add the finishing touches to my space. But you can’t just go buy art. You have to wait until you find the right pieces that make you feel something.I know right away if something doesn’t feel “right” in my home, and I get rid of it. No one needs bad vibes in their sacred space. 

Describe your favorite interior space to hang in at home?

I love my whole apartment! When I’m alone, I’m usually in my bedroom. I have a giant king-size bed and soft pink sheets with a white duvet cover and off-white Moroccan-inspired blanket. I made a yarn hanging to add some texture to the wall. It’s a peaceful place to me.

When I have people over, I like being in my little dining area or living room. The large windows in my apartment have wonderful light at certain times of the day, so where we hang out depends on that, too. We are wherever there is champagne. Homes are for eating, drinking, laughing and loving. I love the happy mess I have after friends are over for dinner.  

What spaces have inspired you to stay a while... maybe contemplate moving into ...or just go back home and recreate?

Rodin Museum: The sculpture garden and interiors are just beyond. I could hang out there all day. I love Paris. 

Anywhere in Paris. 

When I travel, I find spaces that I don’t want to leave. I was in Sayulita, Mexico, in January, and there’s a vibrant little shop called Révolucion del Sueño. So many pom-poms and bright colors. It was such a happy space.  

What do you do to keep your creative juices flowing?

I like to go looking. I don’t always buy things when I shop but I like to frequently look at all my favorite stores for ideas. Instagram is great for creative inspiration. Posting photos or thinking of ways to photograph things makes me feel creative. I am definitely not a photographer but I enjoy seeking beauty and sharing snippets of my life. I keep plants and love to have fresh flowers around, too, because I think they encourage creative thinking and a clear mind.  

How do you source for inspiration? 

If you haven’t noticed, I love Instagram. I follow interior designers, bloggers and regular people who have outstanding taste. 

My friends inspire me, too! We all have different style, especially when it comes to our homes. So I find myself collecting little pieces of their style and weaving it into my own.

When it comes to interiors, who do you stalk on instagram? 

Where are your go to ‘home shopping’ spots? 


I found my chaise there for less than $200! 

I love looking at all the quirky things they get in. The prices are awesome, and the hunt is part of the fun. 


 Yea, yea, we’ve all put together Ikea furniture. But it’s worth a look. The Scandinavian influence and great prices make style affordable.  


 Online or in-store, I find the cutest things. Their marketing gets me every time. I purchased my big, pink Safavieh rug through Target’s website and got a crazy good deal. Rugs are worth the money! Mine is the living room statement piece. 


 I have an Amazon Prime problem. The delivery guys know me. The items I purchased for my current apartment are smaller in scale since I downsized. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, knowing that my next place will likely be bigger. I found my midcentury-inspired kitchen table on Amazon, along with some chairs and my TV stand.


 I found my brass and glass square coffee table on Wayfair, and I love browsing the site! I think the theme with my decor is find quality items at discounted prices and splurge on the real statement makers. 


This is where I find the unique items that add a lived-in look to a space. I love scouring thrift, vintage and antique stores for dishes, furniture and art. Local businesses that fit my taste are The White House Co. and Reed & Taylor Antiques

Are you currently working on revamping a space within your home? or have a dream project for your space?

Since I don’t own my apartment, I can’t get too crazy with revamping. Like I said earlier, my main focus right now is art to finish the space. I’d love to find a giant painting in an antique store. 


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