Ashley Kolln’s wanderlust personality reflects not only in the way she views life but in her wardrobe, her travels and her brand, carrying a passion for trends encompassed with organic flair. 

As a fellow ‘Girl Boss’ , Creative-preneur and Visual Merchandiser, Ashley and I first connected while both working at Topshop/Topman in Chicago. Over the years as she relocated to Milwaukee and I to Seattle, I’ve followed along in her ventures as she continues to drive and evolve her brand . I wanted to catch up with her to find out what inspires her and understand how her brand vision translates into her interior space.

On Social Media They Call You...


Born and raised in...

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Where do you lay your head?

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Current Passion? 

Accessories + Jewelry! 

I started with a small little Etsy shop of only handmade festival jewelry, and Rivolt Accessories has now grown into a curated fashion brand made for the wanderlust soul. 


Personal Style In 4 Words...GO!

Trend-Driven + Bohemian + Bold + Cool


What is your current color obsession?

All. White. Everything.  

From my clothing to my home, I will paint the world white with metal accent colors and greenery.


Who is your style muse and why?

I adore Nicole Richie and how her style has evolved from her Simple Life days.  She basically is my spirit animal because she too has started her own fashion brand.  Her style is a touch of boho mixed with this 70’s glam + classic chic look that I am just obsessed with. 


What fashion trends are you lusting over?

What fashion trend do you loathe? 

This is such a hard one for me!  I do not loathe any trends because I appreciate the art of dress, for most, is a way of expression.  I guess if I had to say something I don’t understand, it would be the surge of sweatpants/hoodies with heels. 

I don’t know why but this always reminds me of a girl who is doing a “walk of shame” the morning after a wild night out.

How does the aesthetic of Rivolt Accessories influence your own wardrobe and interior aesthetic?

This one was very tricky for me.  Since Rivolt is my side hustle, I was working for a company that was very minimalist in style.  I didn’t wear any jewelry and created classic outfits for my client’s wardrobes.  So in this sense it was polar opposite.  

But...It well defines my interior aesthetic, though.  My space is very open and white with pops of teal and yellow.  I use a lot of semi-precious stones in my décor for everything from my book ends to my kitchen backsplash.  The vibe is very tropical which is what I just based my last accessory launch fashion show mood on.  

Describe your favorite interior space to hang in at home?

My bed. 

Seriously I have curated the most comfortable, minimalist, cozy, white + grey space.  I make Jewelry with old cookie sheets on my lap while binge watching my favorite Netflix shows in the background.  I also follow a lot of blogs, so I have my computer open next to me with constant updates on inspirational images.  


What spaces have inspired you to stay a while... maybe contemplate moving into ...or just go back home and recreate?

I love Boutiques, Coffee Shops, and open concept Restaurants. 

There is something magical about a space that blends the lines between inside and outside.  Some of my favorite places have large doors that they can pull open with greenery inside and out.  I love the organic feeling of this; how you can smell the fresh air, hear the sounds of the cars or bikes riding by, and get a sense of the neighborhood and the vibe of the people.  

What do you do to keep your creative juices flowing?

I get inspired by things that I have never seen before. 

I read a lot of travel blogs. I love the unknown and my curiosity keeps these juices flowing.  This directly translates into my design work because I see something that a person might be wearing in the jungle or in the streets of Greece and it might spark a new design.  


How do you source for inspiration? Have you been on any trips recently? 

 I just returned from Bangkok, Siem Reap and Phuket. All of the travels, photographs and experiences will likely influence  my next collection.  

When I'm not traveling, I use a lot of social media.



Who do you stalk for interior inspiration? 

Lauren Bullen [ @gypsea_lust ] photos and visual aesthetic are on point always.  She lives in Bali and posts the most magical pictures of her travels.  

If I need some staging inspiration I also stalk @Westelm and if I could afford it, I would redo my house all over each time they launch a new collection.  The modern mix with these leafy greens in their most recent collection had me drooling over everything.  


Are you currently working on revamping a space or have a dream project you want to complete within your home?  

When I moved into this home it was all cream with hints of wood and brown everywhere.  What I am currently working on is painting the whole thing white.  My dream would be to redo my kitchen in white with light grey wood floor.  I would use white subway tile for the backsplash and gold or copper accents on the hardware.  Lots of greenery and one stunning chandelier above my kitchen table. 


Where are your go to ‘home shopping’ spots?

I go to TJ Maxx, West Elm, Target and World Market.  In no particular order. 



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