You know those souls whose passion you can smell coming down the street? whose drive to make a creative impression is beyond their drive to impress anyone? Cornelius (AKA COCO) is that soul.

I remember, may be vaguely, the first couple days coco started on the topshop Visual team, where he and I met in NYC. his eagerness to learn, to grow, to be better and inspire was non-stop. And he's been on that track since then. now the creative brand manager for Topshop / Topman in soho he spends his days pushing the boundaries to capture the guests attention while also spending his days 'off' as a wardrobe stylist, landing his work in a variety of publications.

check out the inter(ior)view with him below as he shares what inspires his work, personal style and interior aesthetic. 


Cornelius Lafayette Danzey Jr.

On social media they call you?

Born in?

Dirtyyyy South lol Charlotte, NC 

Home is?

Washington Heights (NYC)

Current passion? 

Well I wouldn’t say “current” but Creative Direction and Wardrobe Styling is my life. I just finished styling a shoot for The Impression Magazines October issue and I haD a new shoot with Schön! Magazine last week So im pretty wrapped up in that now. I also just returned from Paris earlier this month, I was there on holiday/Fashion Week. That was such an inspirational trip…it was my first time there and I enjoyed every moment of it. Traveling triggers a lot of inspiration for me which supports my ideas etc.


Describe your personal style in 4 words...

Utilitarian, Oversized, Layered, Simple

Who is your style muse and why?

I don’t really have a muse…but I pull a lot of inspiration for my personal style from JAPANESE STREETWEAR, Craig green and rei kawakubo  / Commes de Garcon.

What fashion trend do you loathe? 

SLOGAN T-SHIRTS…so so so over it 

What fashion trends are you lusting over?

“Streetwear” now everyone is into it which is very interesting to me as this is how I was raised and grew up. I am happy that it’s a thing…because I can be more comfortable than ever ☺ and its super effortless.

ALSO....“Wide Leg/Cropped” trousers, again this is super comfortable and easy as I love cuffing my pants to show off my sneakers. 

What is your current color obsession?

How does your personal aesthetic influence your interior aesthetic? 

Wow that’s a good question, im the TOTAL opposite I feel. One thing that carries through is that my space must be comfortable for me and my guest. Other than that...I’m all about bright colors, prints, I love floral arrangements. My favorite flower is bird of Paradise. I love nontraditional art mixed with animalistic details. 

Describe your favorite interior space to hang in at home?

My favorite place is my desk. I feel this is where I get the most creative and I get lost in my own ideas/dreams. It’s a glass top table from Ikea with black legs and I have my favorite fashion magazines (old and new) with a mannequin head from Frank Glover (local mannequin makeup artist) with 3 Cacti and a bouquet of Bird of paradise. I placed the desk in front of my window that overlooks the Hudson River and GWB (George Washington Bridge). 

What would an ideal space look like for you in your home?

I would love to move into a large open space with exposed brick/concrete with beautiful art and furniture. I love the contrast and feel it represents who I am as a person... rough around the edges but I have a beautiful soul/inside.

Ando Studio is a great 3D rendering company and they have great inspo/concepts.

If time and money allowed, whose space would you be down to visit everyday?

What do you do to keep your creative juices flowing?

I pray a lot.

People watch. 

Whenever Im in a car, bus, air plane, building/restaurant I make sure I have a window seat as im always dreaming and looking at things.

Look through magazines/picture books.

Create mood boards. 


Who do you stalk for interior inspiration? 

How do you source for inspiration? 

traveling is a great source of inspiration for me (local or international). This year ive been to Paris, London and Dubai which are all so different which was great. 

I LOVE pinterest. 

Tim burton films really (movies in general) anything fantasy based really gets my juices flowing.

Whats going on around me in the news and my personal experiences.

Lastly, can you share your 'go to' home shopping spots? 


view more of cornelius's portfolio on his website and follow along as he shares his inspiration and work on instagram. 

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