One of the last things I'd consider myself is a hoarder...But, I have a hard time letting personable things go when there is a creative solution to re-using or re-inventing their intentional use. 

So when I tasked myself with sorting through Goodwill items at my parent's place, I came across a bag full of old eyewear that were deemed as unsuitable. True... some of them were past their prime while others were too good to let go. 

Being the only family member that doesn't wear prescription glasses (fake for the win) or contacts (I may have had a brown colored contact stint in 2003) I wasn't saving these vintage styles to use as frames but wanted to showcase them as art. Why? Because they told a story. Mom and Dad's names were inscribed on the temples. 

Around this same time I was working on an interior project for my brother's downtown condo and looking for artwork and prints for a gallery wall in his living room...it was also right around Christmas. He probably would have rather received a tub of popcorn mix but he was about to be gifted Mom and Dad's glasses from middle school. 

So after pondering display options, I decided to keep it clean and minimal, almost museum or jewelry case like, to highlight the frames. As a super easy DIY, it's essentially a shadow box. If you have a vintage or memorable item that would work in your ideal space, there are a variety of custom frames or fixtures to showcase and share it's story. 

I chose four similar styles and graded them from small to large (top to bottom). After measuring out for symmetry, I added a dab of super glue to the  temples which adhered then to the fabric backing of the shadow box. Thought about labeling each with the year in which my parents estimated the pair was from but considering they were as unsure as I was, as to where I could find a vintage DYMO label maker, I scratched that idea.

These frames had seen better days but for under $20, they were given new life...and Lord knows what they see hanging on this wall!