Korban and Kramer….two names that have more in common than their syllables and the letter K. 

Interior Designer Ryan Korban and Architect Robin Kramer both with clients names that roll off your tongue, are leaders in brand identity and presentation.

One client specifically they share, who’s brand vision and aesthetic I often gravitate to, is that of Mr. Alexander Wang. Their partnership on his SoHo flagship in 2011, is a combination of edgy, minimalism and luxury, and one of my favorite retail inspirations. 

Korban’s neutral go to of marble and black finishes serve as a backdrop for Kramer and Wang’s edifice.  Acting as a ‘platform for creative minds to come together in an inspiring environment’ the rotating cage installation allows for not only an update to highlight new collections but a way to update the presentation to cater to a vision and clear intention of what they [ A. Wang ] believe in. They’ve brought the art to science to create inspiration that gives new and returning customers a reason to come in. 

What are you doing to create an inspirational space to draw customers back in?