Picture it. December 30th 2016. NYC.

I've drug my boyfriend 17,000 steps through the city to land one block from dinner reservations. But first, one more stop. One of Snarkitecture's staple 'exhibits'. Kith.

Jaws drop. Eyes are wide. Heart rate increases. Where was I? Did I have to leave? Why, I could just eat cereal for dinner. And watch runway shows. Read design books. Draw art (doodles). Play dress up.

But to be honest, this post isn't about Kith. It's about the space in which Kith's product is highlighted and showcased in. It's about the magic that Alex Mustonen and Daniel Arkham have started at Snarkitecture. Their whole philosophy is about engaging the customer with their surroundings and taking what is typical or ordinary, and contradicting that familiarity by using it in a radical way. And what sends my heart racing. 

The deeper you explore their ability to blend architecture + art, you start to recognize they have their own "Midas Touch"...instead of gold. It turns white. From the distinct 500 cast replicas of the original '85 Jordan 1 at Kith, a 10-foot high Marble Run at the Delano Hotel in Miami, 1 million recycled plastic balls in the world wide tour of The Beach exhibition to COS LA retail installation highlighting their A/W 2015 collection.

The idea around mixing the practical with the not so practical should inspire you to break the mold and create a space that will invite and draw others in but allow them to connect and create memories while there. Though many retail critics and researchers would agree that there is a need for shops to be innovative and create an experience to draw customers in, I'm not speaking specifically to the retail side. This can be applied in your home or you office as well.  

So what are you doing to be innovative? To leave your mark? To personalize your space? 

Aarika MichelComment