I tend to gravitate to bold and graphic patterns, typically those done in a big way...basically Kelly Wearstler's foyer. But not everyone [ including myself ] has a grand staircase to graffiti. I do however have a few less than impactful walls I could revamp.  Although I've filed my heart out with spaces of bold lines, be it paint, tapestry or wallpaper a light bulb went off when I ran across the entry way to Found boutique, designed by Heather Scott Home. It's a small space but with huge impact; the choice of a lucite bench and light artwork all work tremendously together without feeling heavy and overwhelming to your eye. [ Insert brainstorm here. ]

 First thought was our bedroom, although the wall is currently a greenish [ drab, moved in and it was there ] color, I'd have to wait for it to be painted. Second thought was behind our TV...too much going on in our living space already. Third [ times a charm ] and obvious thought was the entry hallway. Now that I look at photos of what was, I cringe at how much space I wasn't utilizing or using to create an impactful statement. 

So what's the weapon of choice? Washi Tape. These rolls come in every which color, pattern, texture you can think of but I'm not scrapbooking my wall [ Colors or patterns would be great for a childs playroom or a nursery though. ]  Not knowing how bold I was going to go I picked up [as in placed in my Amazon shopping cart ] two rolls of black and one roll of gold Scotch Expressions washi tape

In preparation for their delivery, I removed the shelving and wiped down the wall with a disinfecting cloth and again the following morning with a wet rag, allowing it to dry. I'll typically do that with any surface before I apply anything with an adhesive base to ensure there is nothing standing in between the two. I thought about drawing up an action plan of the design I would attempt but the more I studied inspiration and knowing how flexible the tape would be I threw that to the wayside and went to town. [ That may not be for everyone. ] 


- For the OCD in you, have a level on hand. No OCD? You're lying.

- An exacto knife, or raw blade, will be your best friend. This will allow for super clean edges and will also allow you to avoid layers of tape when crossing over one another. 

- Step back, walk away and come back for a fresh eye on the project. 

- Don't like what you see? The tape is forgiving! Peel it back up and try again...but not too many times or you may lose some bonding. If that's the case, grab some new tape.

- Save your extra scraps until your finished. You may need them after you've corrected your 87 degree angle to a perfect 90. 

Overall, I used all 33 yards of tape in a span of 30 minutes. Depending on the complexity of your design, the time table and supplies will vary. If I had another roll, I probably would have used it but I'm looking forward to adding in additional layers to the hallway. On the hunt for a 12' runner rug and some art to fill the walls. I'll be sure to share when they have been found.