As a Water Sign [ Scorpio ] I tend to gravitate to bodies of water...ocean, lake, waterfalls etc. There's something about the serenity, the vastness, the color palette, the beach and sometimes purity that draws me in. You may be tired of hearing | reading | seeing my IG posts on Rockhouse in Negril but it's officially been a year since we visited and I'm having small bouts of depression as I scroll through my Facebook memories. I remember eating breakfast on our last day, overlooking the ocean and crying my own salty pool of tears on the table.


In almost every city I have lived in, my home has been in proximity to some variation of water...

Forman ||  Lake Lithia (a.k.a A Slough)

NYC || Hudson River

Chicago || Lake Michigan

Seattle || Puget Sound

And now residing in the Land of 10,000 Lakes...I'm finding that the closest body of water to my potential new home downtown, may just be a community hot tub or the Mississippi River. Both of which are lacking the purity factor. So why not bring the beach home...or at least the serenity and the color palette?  

We've gathered 16 of our go-tos to incorporate beachy vibes to your land locked digs. Click on each item to shop and browse more styles.


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