Net-A-Porter confirmed it. My closet proves it. Khaki green (aka olive) is the new black!

We've been styling with this shade in our wardrobes for years but the fabrications and utility of khaki green, and it's sister camouflage, have served a purpose well before our "basic" layering piece. 

Grandfather (center) and fellow soldiers in Seoul [ 1950's ]

Grandfather (center) and fellow soldiers in Seoul [ 1950's ]

So how can we incorporate khaki green into our interior spaces without creating a muddy hide away? We've pulled some suggestions for across the home. Click on each photo to see more of where it came from.



FURNITURE [ in velvet of course ]



Contact us to help you pull this 'new neutral' into your home and check out one of my favorite inspiration boards I pulled on Tumblr in 2015 for a khaki green space.