Would you believe if I told you it's already been 2 months since I've moved to Minneapolis, and I still don't have a couch? You can find me at the kitchen island, on the bed...or to be honest, laying on the three rugs layered on the floor, where said couch would land. 

But what I can tell you is, I've snagged some savvy 'aht' (aka art) over the last couple weeks that keeps my mind believing that the delay in furniture, really isn't a delay if I'm landing other avenues of 'needs' for the place.

Earlier last month I gave the low down on the scheme I'm aiming for...all based around working with the light pistachio salad paint color in the entryway and living room which has grown on me, unlike actual pistachio salad. Keeping with the pastel notion, I'm aiming to ground it in neutrals and a mix of 'cool elements'...like 3' marquee letters.

I've thankfully passed the stage of picking up all mass-market art and kept my eyes open for vintage prints, salvaged junk, travel finds and upcoming artists that will allow for conversation and story telling. And although I'd like to keep these treasure troves a secret, that would be selfish of me so I've got four ways to create your own in-home gallery and suggestions on where to hunt for it....



Apparel & Accessories

Rewind to 6th grade when I bought my first pair of blue and white wavy JNCO jeans (officially titled the Blue Hypnotix) from Vanity influenced by Tia and Tamara Mowry. Wore and washed those babies once and they shrunk (upwards...not inwards). All I wanted to do from that day forward was frame them and hang them in memorial. Did I do it? No...I was in 6th grade. They went straight to the Church rummage sale. So with that...what better way to honor your favorite apparel or vintage, handed down pieces than on display in your place. 

WHERE TO FIND: Start with your closet...then move onto your relatives such as Grandparents, Consignment Stores, Thrift Shop, Estate Sales


Letters & Quotes

Nothing makes a statement or proves to be Instagram worthy like your feelings in neon or an unexpected quote to set the mood. In fact I spent almost two hours at an antique store digging for just the right letters / word to welcome guests into my humble abode. (photos coming soon!) Between Facebook statuses, tweets and memes, it's just as easy to take those virtual thoughts into your physical space. 

WHERE TO FIND: Salvage Yards, Antique Store, Amazon


Photography & Portraits

Few years back I  bought a photo of "Sarah on the train" for the frame at the Salvation Army in Chicago. Few years forward, Sarah is still in the frame. I never used it just for the frame but hung her up like I knew her. (She's currently in a pile behind a curtain, waiting to be placed...but not the point) There's something about choosing portraits and photography that aren't directly related to a memory you've made (i.e. hundreds of 'usies' from college with kissy faces) It's a chance to add some mystery, emotions or stories to a piece you have no background knowledge of. Also, the juxtaposition of a historical portrait or scene against a modern background is major heart eye emoji.

WHERE TO FIND: Craigslist, Goodwill, Salvation Army, Estate and Rummage Sales


Sporting Goods & Memorabilia

Who says you can't continue to live in the glory days of your once athletic career. Also, who says you can't throw up an old basketball hoop with a gold chain net in your living room (in the works). It's the surprise and delight of featuring everyday elements outside of their element that will be the conversation starters in your space. Maybe you have a few Gus Macker trophies you are still clinging too...(i.e. Toilet Bowl award) that are taking up just a few too many totes in the parents garage that they've asked you to remove on multiple occasions. Spray paint those things in white or rose gold, use it as a planter or throw your kitchen utensils in them and call it a day. 

WHERE TO FIND: Your Parents' Attic or Garage, Goodwill, Savers, Vintage Store

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