They're here! The holidays...the guests...the parties...my most favorite time of the year!

To be honest, I don't host too many guests, but I host myself enough hours in the day that I like to  add some festivity to my place without going traditionally overboard. So think, integration. You know, accentuating what's already happening in terms of the aesthetic of the space. 

As you know from previous OWN ROOM CHALLENGE posts, I've stuck with and worked around the mint walls. Brass, black, and other pastels have saved me from a dreaded tunnel of doom and I'm actually digging what's happening in here. So I'm really excited to share with you all how I've incorporated some holiday details into the mix.

I thought I'd share a breakdown for you on what I purchased to add some Christmas cheer vs. what was already a part of my everyday space; Just to prove that it doesn't take much!

Eclectic Prodigy Minneapolis Apartment

Let's start with the obvious...

Eclectic Prodigy Holiday Target Tree


  • For years I had a white tree...decked out with jewel tone ornaments, ribbon, garland and extra lights. this year, that white tree went to goodwill in seattle and i hauled home a new a 4.5' virginia pine (artificial of course) back here in Minneapolis. || $63
  • 'splurged' on about 10 new ornaments from the $3 bins, pickin up a more rustic and boho vibe, and mixed them in with some of my older glam (as i like to call them) ornaments from years prior. I like to go for a mix of textures and scale. p.S. I am the scrooge that will insist their child have their own tree to hang their own colorful, nostalgic, random, homemade ornaments.  || $30
  • decided to keep the 'ol silver tree skirt as well since it still went with the color story. || Free?


Eclectic Prodigy Holiday Coffee Table


  • i went from 0 - 5 candlesticks in one day. three of which are included in this set from ikea used on the coffee table. i was initially looking for some over the top candelabra action but kept it simple and snagged some gold candles at Hobby lobby to keep it classy. || $14 
  • So on top of the artificial pine tree, i thought to myself, why not buy some more pine, but that 'real real'. You know the $3 Chamaecyparis from ikea that smells like a dream (Took three home). It reminds me of some beautiful shrub you'd find in Paris. Especially when it's seated next to this striped spine. Add a $.99 tin pot and you're set. wait til you see where else i used it. || $13
  • I was also banking on finding a cypress or eucalyptus garland to use around those circle mirrors. come to find out, mom had some stashed away from hhmmmm... 12-15 years ago that was on it's way to goodwill but the perfect shade. Kind of looks like shaggy plastic mint hair when it isn't hung or laid right but hello! It was free and with a bit of caressing it started to behave. Lesson here; always check your mother's garage || Free
  • btw. i'd vouch for all three of these books but to be honest, reading one profile from in the company of women, you'll walk away with a pep in your step. 
Eclectic Prodigy Holiday Media Stand


  • homegoods really stole the show in this photo. not only did I snag this killer media stand there last month but this ornament garland was shouting from the aisle for me so... i obliged. Because it fits the color story perfectly. || $12 
  • you'll see another gold ( medal ) winner  on our tablescape post next week as well. I love to use these garlands as anchors to build around on tables and shelves.
  • i had this really grand idea to make paper or...maybe even fabric ( like from this slab of pleather i bought when i lived in chicago...5 years ago)  stars to hang from the ceiling but thank my lucky stars ...no pun intended...I lingered around ikea's cash wrap long enough to find these paper lanterns. meant to hang as a shade of sorts to a pendant light, i chose to just hang them by some black twine from the ceiling. saving energy friends (mine and the earth's) || $21 (for 3)
Eclectic Prodigy Fun Marquee Letter Foyer

What's the story behind those ice skates you ask?....

Eclectic Prodigy Ice Skates

Well those dull blades date back to the eighties. handed down to me from my grandma, they were my Mom's and whomever else fit into them at the time...which probably included me before my i peaked to my size 10 foot in 5th grade. But as you can see, Grandma left a beautiful memory on these skates of a scene from 'across lake lithia'. we lived in the White House while grandma and grandpa lived across the way in the brown house. so as you can imagine, they witnessed every fall on that ice. thankfully none through the it...and every late night / early morning arrival in the chevy lumina, tetherball tournaments in the yard, lawnmower rides, accidental slips into the swampy waters and fights with the brothers. list could go on. So it's quite 'fun' to share memories like these during the holidays.


Check back next week as we share our easy tips to adding festivity to your everyday tablescape.

hint: we take a snippet from one of those listed above!


P.S. Shout out to @kelseyduncan for capturing the holiday cheer for this post!! xoxo