The struggle is real and I'm here to confirm with you that I am about as indecisive as a Cheesecake Factory menu. It's not that I don't know what I want. It's that there are so many factors to decorating a space that unless your budget is Free Willy and/or you want to buy everything from one spot, it takes time to acquire the right elements to create a space as your own. I mean sure who doesn't want authentic Finn Juhl France chair for $4700 a pop...but I'd also like to eat and buy some toothpaste to brush my teeth after.  

I believe in investing in pieces that will last, have durability and timeless silhouettes but at the same time...a girl needs some damn furniture. Starting from scratch is stellar in more ways than one and just like most things in life, nothing is permanent. So while I gravitate to the most gorgeous materials and designs, I know I can be savvy and find something similar that won't offend my bank account for the here and now. 

If you're feeling my pain or curious in what I'm lusting over vs. what I can afford, keep to scrolling.




Aarika MichelComment