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If you’ve been following my Instagram  [ @eclecticprodigy ] over the past couple months, you’ve probably caught a few Instastories or posts regarding the new adventure from Seattle to Minneapolis. With a new 9-5, comes a new city, a new schedule, new co-workers and the best part…new digs. 

I intended to stay with my parents for a couple months to allow myself to adjust to the new job and relieve the pressure to jump into apartment hunting but when impatience [ 80% due to rush hour traffic ] and indecisiveness [space vs. view, convenience vs. budget ] clash, rash decisions are made. But! Lucky for me that educated but quick decision landed me a new spot with all of the above, plus my brother as a neighbor. 

One qualm though…the pistachio-beigey-mint walls in the living room. Something about my first walk thru of the place, had me itching to paint them white like, immediately. I can hear you all now..."You can't even tell... They don't look mint...You're exaggerating..yahdyahdya. A blank slate, that’s all I needed in my life. But as I have spent the past couple weeks in this space, hours scrounging for inspo and failed attempts to reach a painter, they’ve grown on me. [The yellow bathroom though…not so much] Enough to hold off on stripping it down to the bare and diving into this  ‘Own Room Challenge’...a personal spin off of our favorite "One Room Challenge".


My aesthetic veers to the opposite of pastels. Mixed metals, graphic prints, bold textures and neutral hues typically put the pep in my step. So as I pull inspiration, mood boards and color stories together, I’m challenged with finding a balance to creating an eclectic space that feels like me while starting completely fresh [ Left all my furniture behind in Seattle ]. And on top of that, there’s something rather difficult about narrowing down options for myself that I don’t find as challenging when working with a client. Although I have more than the living space to complete, I’ll stick to sharing one challenge for now. 

So close your eyes; imagine, wearing a pastel pink moo moo in the jungle, serving yourself some mint chocolate chip ice cream with a brass spoon in a black marble bowl, while a neon sign that says “JUST DO IT” flickers behind you.

Welcome to my living room. 

So I leave you with that inspiration to cling to [ and click on ] as I spend my evenings speed dating with couches and pacing Craigslist for some magical credenza to pop up. Continue to follow along on my ‘Own Room Challenge’! I’ll be sharing additional inspo, shopping lists, photos, projects and more. 

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