Acrylic...aka, Lucite or Plexiglass rounds out our Spring Home Decor Trend this weekend. Who knew the love for man made plastic would be so high. But when you offer shatterproof resistance and half the weight of glass, it's hard not to turn down a clear chair, bench, vase, table, plate etc etc etc. And to add the utility and storage element without the visual clutter, sign us up.

Since the demand is so high, we've lifted the budget a bit [ a mere $50 ] to find you almost 40 options to add this trend to your home this Spring.  

If you're just joining our weekend series, we are piggy backing on our post last month that showed you how to take Spring fashion trends from the runway to your home. So staying in that lane, we're sharing 3 of our favorite Spring home decor trends over the course of the weekend.

Based off of your avid pinning [ you know who you are ] Elle Decor rounded up the Best Spring Home Decor Trends with the help of Pinterest's official 2017 trend report. As we chuck up the deuces to winter [ I take that back. It's snowing here in Minneapolis. ] Spring cleaning is in full force and we are antsy to update our spaces with lighter and brighter decor. As much we love color, we love these three trends you can't avoid even more: COPPER. MARBLE WALLPAPER. ACRYLIC





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